Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Death of George Sodini: Or Why the Male Has Become A Bitch

Anymore, men are bitches. Men have become weak, emotional creatures that allow themselves to be stomped on, broken hearted, and shunned away from a society that they believe doesn't "understand" them. I believe the guys are just being whiny little bitches.

Was Tyler Durden right? Are we a generation of men raised by women? "I'm wondering if another woman is the answer we really need?" Tyler ponders aloud. The characters from Fight Club feel they got an education from their Father that lacks any plain goal. A simple formula of go to college, get a job, "I don't know... get married!" Underwhelming advice if I've ever heard any. It seems that we've all been spoon fed ambition and dreams all through our life only to come to the shattering conclusion that it was all bullshit.

"We are the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no great war, no great depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised by television to believe that we’d be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars – but we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed-off."

Sound familiar? Do you see a bit of yourself there? A lot of people, males, that I know sure as hell do. They are tired of living empty, convoluted lives that do nothing more than spiral in an endless downfall. Nothingness, existentialism, hopelessness, absurdity, and on and on... all the buzz words of modern existence. Also the buzz words of yesteryear, but still as poignant today as they were when people found out God was dead.

Why does it seem that men tend to forget the control they have over themselves? It's pretty easy to get stuck in a thought pattern and end up bitterly enjoying it. Think of Vanilla Sky - "the sweet is never sweet without the sour." The problem being that everyone is enjoying the sour and bitching that the sweet has gone away, never to return. The problem is that people are no longer content with the sweet. Now it needs to be the sweetest of the sweet, or it's not worth tasting at all. And, God Damn it, the sweet needs to be NOW. There shouldn't be any wading in the sour in order to achieve the sweet. Fuck all that.

Seems to be the mindset currently in vogue. Seems to be the overtly excessive use of emotion in masculinity. Sounds more like bitching to me. George Sodini killed women, and himself in a gym because he couldn't find a mate. Did he look hard enough? Shit, I know twelve girls that would date him for his six pack alone. He wasn't ugly, through his writing it appears he was intellectually sound (emotionally sound - hell no), and based on his own assessment, he seemed pretty funny. Black humor, probably, but still funny.

This is nothing new under the sun. Everyone man has felt what Sodini has felt, at some point in their life. I'm currently experiencing some things Sodini was before he opted to engage in a killing spree. I too haven't been with a girl in a while. But by choice. Rather than seek pleasure in a females crotch (Sodini's biggest lament - not getting laid) I could express myself through my creativity. Write a fucking screenplay, film a scene, read a book, enlighten yourself, work out (which he apparently did enough of), go to a movie, engage in deep, meaningful conversation about a topic you're passionate towards (unless it's your hatred for women). There are ample examples of things to do other than fucking. If fucking is the only thing he could come up with to give himself meaning, then he's swimming in the shallow end of the pool of life. After all, what is it that most men want out of life, what will give them content enough to labor through a job they hate for a paycheck that barely pays the rent? Beer and pussy; the two highest achievements modern man seems to relish.

Fuck all that. Sure, I feel for the guy. He was alone, desperate, miserable and felt there was no way out of his despair. He probably needed someone to just listen to him so he could express himself in a way he didn't know how, other than with a gun and a disdain for females. But you can't tell me that there wasn't someone out there, out of the 30 million he claimed to have been rejected by (his estimate), that didn't at least find something in him. So maybe he didn't want someone to find something in him? Maybe he was content in his misery? Perhaps he had a misery wish? I think it was selfish of him to pull a stunt like that, to say the least, but he appears to have been a selfish individual.

In a way, I'm somewhat comforted by the news of all this. A terrible thing to read, I'm sure, but hear me out. You see, I also used to have the precise same feelings and thoughts Sodini had. Awash in anger and hatred for the female form, after being burned. But being burned doesn't mean you can't play with fire again; you've just got to proceed with caution the next time. I'm glad to see it play out like this as a way to remind myself that had I continued that same path of self deception, it might have been me shooting up a Hot Topic in my emo days. And that would've spelled disaster for all parties involved. Of course, some sad little emo boys, somewhere in the Myspace universe, may have praised my name as a martyr for the cause of emotional boydom. They'd be wrong. I'd have done it out of emotional stupidity. The same way George Sodini did.

Men need to desensitize themselves. Maybe watch a Clint Eastwood movie and grow the fuck up?