Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Birfday Bwog

My birthday is Thursday but my mother decided to surprise me with an early present. A "pre-present" if you will. She purchased a $200 blockbuster gift card, which is most excellent since I'll be able to purchase an assload of films now.

Here's what I've already purchased:

Midnight Cowboy
Little Children ~ (whoa, amazing)
Last Tango In Paris
Lost Weekend
The Following
Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon
Funny Games
Be Kind Rewind
Inland Empire
The Savages
Whose That Knocking At My Door
After Hours

Need less to say, I'm pretty ecstatic about the winter storm that's heading my way right about now. So, Friday, I'll be taking off work which means that Thursday night I'll be isolated in my loft with nothing but my films, my cat and some writing to do. It's pretty radical to have this kind of weekend to look forward to. My friends are all freaking out since they won't be able to go slosh themselves into drunkenhood as they do every weekend, but maybe this time around they'll pick up a hobby!

I put up a new rack to hold my bitchin' collection of spectacular DVDs. I'm up to a "shit-ton" now. Not sure exactly how many, but it's ever expanding, thus, I cannot put a number to it. This blog is going nowhere.

Now, I'm thinking of a script about being snowed in. Or possibly using it as an element in one of the scripts I've already begun. See how I do this? It's like the scene from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, when the character played by my ex-girlfriend, Kristen Wiig, is berating Dewey, telling him he'll never make it. Dewey tells her he's gonna make it, he's gonna walk "hard, down life's rocky road." He repeats the line and realizes he's got a song! That's how I feel right now, in laymen's terms.

God damn, I feel like a child, but I'm now 25. That's a quarter of my life! Or, maybe even half, who knows! I do have some things to look forward to: my insurance going down, my voice deepening and heck, I may even finally lose my virginity! I must say, though, that Orson Welles made Citizen Kane when he was 25. So, I'll keep my head up and hope that awesomeness will fall into my lap.


ScreenwritingforHollywood said...

Blow me down!
.... with all those candles...
You should come to California and F the storm; it is hot hot hot here and sunny.
But then, you'd get no writing finished.
(Walk Hard is HILARIOUS!! Love that movie.)

t.sterling said...

Out of your list of recently bought movies, I highly enjoyed Be Kind Rewind on a level of enjoyment that I can't really describe. Well, I could, but it'd eat away at the comment space. I'm a bit late but happy belated birthday. I actually keep forgetting my own birthday is this coming Thursday and I'll be 23. So I will also keep Orson as inspiration. I know I gotta work at that awesomeness though. And yes, Walk Hard was a good movie. I so want to be apart of the Apatow crew.