Friday, July 31, 2009

Why Craigslist W4M Ads Make My Eyes Rain

I used to really enjoy going through Craigslist women for men ads. I mean just absolutely reveled in it. But not anymore. Not one iota. It pains me to see all these woman, oftentimes with multiple posts, searching for a true love they'll obviously never find in a place that's filled to the brim with men sending pics of their dicks.

A lot of these woman have been around the block of life and are now approaching the cul de sac of ripe old age. They need someone to go around the circle street and help them finish off their lives. Instead, despite all their desperation, they get a shot of an erect dick, smiling a mischievous smile of lust.

Why can't these poor women see that Craigslist is for hookers and free yard waste removal. You can't expect to find a soulmate on a site that's known for finding garage sales and babysitters. These poor gals need to get out of the house, away from the computer and onwards, towards somewhere less threatening. A Starbucks, or a Barnes & Nobles. A county fair or a play at the local theatre. Anywhere but online.

Too much emphasis is put, nowadays, into meeting your soulmate online. I can see that with heavy regulated dating sites like Match or True, but not fucking Craigslist. Besides, you're basically asking that someone searches for car parts and happens to be bored enough to lurk the W4M ads in order to find some ass. Not only that, but that they lose the desire for ass and seek to maintain a healthy relationship with you when it was founded on the principal of penetration. It's just not likely.

So I get sad. I see all this desperation bundled up click after click. And I hope that these girls will find someone out there somewhere to comfort them more than the Haagan Dazs they've been indulging in to numb the pain of finding nothing. It's false hope and it's simply not fair to assume it will be anything more. Hey, some people live a life of false hope, and when something goes right, the world will actually go to shit for them. They need that misery in order to get through the day. They have to bitch about something, right? That way they can blame their problems on someone or something other than themselves or their own actions. And that's bullshit. You and I both know it.

And when did everyone seeking love become overweight? What happened to respecting yourself, at least a little, God damn it. Put the chips away and grab a banana. Drop the nutty bar and try a yogurt. Sure, McDonalds is right across the street, and it's only a buck for a paddy of shit, but give it a second thought then next time you get bored and count the waves on the ocean of your tummy. Maybe this is the reason you're alone? Maybe this is the reason you didn't post a picture on a website you shouldn't have been looking for love on.

Hell, most of you don't even have to be attractive to pull a good man, but at least have some self respect and a glimmer of a personality. If your entire ad is nothing more than wallowing in pity about how hard it is to live knowing there are no "good" guys out there, then you're probably in the wrong place. I have hordes of single, good looking friends that want nothing more than a girl that can laugh with and at them. If you're too busy counting the scars on your wrist, you'll probably never find humor in a wristcutter joke. You'll be offended and we'll all want to stay away from the sad little bitch who can't control her emotions.

So, I say fuck Craigslist. Get on with your life and get out of the house. Do something productive, like ... oh, I don't know... Living? Rather than mentally masturbating to how pathetically perilous your life has become. Or should I say, how you've made it to be.


Anonymous said...

Jerk! What do you care if overweight people want love or not? I came here to read about Sodini and I was not expecting to find fatphobic comments. Now I have to get up from my chair and go to the gym when I don't want to. I don't appreciate this! No wonder you have had trouble finding women - you seem to have unrealistic standards yourself. Good for you if you are alone. You deserve it!

Shanerology said...

Well point and a valid point!

Anonymous said...

Shanerology said...

I highly doubt I'll ever entertain the notion of going to this cheap ass site in order to search for some skank piece of ass. Thanks, but no thanks.

Khakjaan Wessington said...

Craigslist kills the newspapers then censors the remaining speech.

First, craigslist killed the newspaper. Now that it has created a relative speech monopoly, it is increasingly inclined to censor. That which is not censored, they endorse. So craigslist supports nazis, penis pills, death threats, stalkers, but not poetry.

Fuck that. I say it's time to attack craigslist and show those assholes that it only takes 100 people (the number of regular readers of combatwords) to flatline it.

To prove my point, I don't want you to hit them with just any copypasta--it ought to be original copypasta. Something that violates no TOU by itself, but will incite the micro-censors of craigslist to flag your posts.

If craigslist has ever wronged you, consider how much cash this would cost them. Jim and Craig are worth dozens of millions each. To adjudicate flags, they have to do it by hand. They survive off the expectation that most people will self-police their own behavior. Ah, but they broke the 'social contract' they offered when they were busy killing off the newspapers (a community BBS of BS). So if fifty to one hundred dedicated people spend some time every day posting legitimate content in a manner the micro-censors will find objectionable, it will get their attention.

Hey, they killed the newspapers. Fair is fair, right?

Anonymous said...

Actually, 99.99% of all the w4m ads are created by spam bots for phishing purposes. This is predominately in the 'casual encounters' section, and sometimes in the regular 'women seeking men' section.
I imagine the odds of actually meeting a woman at all this way must be astronomically slim, as some humorous sites have proclaimed "there are no women on the Internet", and if there are, they sure as hell aren't looking for sex.
Perhaps it should be modified to "there are no women on craigslist (at least the personals).