Monday, December 29, 2008

Day One On The Road Blog

Left last night for a random drive and ended up not turning around. Sometimes, at night, I'll take a drive, listening to music, just to clear my head and calm myself down. Writing proves to be bound in anxiety and lost leads. This time, though, I didn't take my usual scenic route and, instead, detoured towards a path less travelled.

Taking the northbound lane towards Toledo, I accidentally, or divinely, depending on your perspective of the events, wound up on a toll road which I could not get off of until I reached Cleveland: a good two hours away. Being about three hours from my home, at that point, I opted to continue onwards just to see where I'd end up. I'm pretty good with navigating the flat terrain of most of Ohio, so I had no fear as to getting lost. Besides, I had my trusty GPS system my Dad purchased for me, for Christmas. I still haven't used it.

Now, I'm not sure where I'm at as I write this, in a Denny's, on my laptop. I'm not really sure I care either. I have until the 5th of January to come back and I imagine I'll take that amount of time to reflect on what it is I'm trying to prove to myself doing this. Unless, of course, I run the limit on my credit cards first. We'll see. Luckily, in this wintery economic climate, gas, food, motels and the such are dirt cheap. Even though I saved a bundle of money by simply falling asleep in my vehicle last night. I was reading Crime and Punishment with Screamin Jay Hawkins tellin' me he's got a spell on me and the next thing I know it's morning and I've left the car running all night. You live, you learn and you move on.

Nothing of substantial interest has happened just yet, but tonight I'll venture forth towards a dive bar, or perhaps to a coffee shop in order to attain the acquaintance of someone with remotely the same interests as my own. If those sort of people exist in these quarters, and I believe they may.

Cigarettes and coffee are what propel me along on this meager journey towards "I don't know what just yet." My only companions: a notepad, taperecorder, laptop, book and yearning to find a story.

Don't order the Grand Slamwich: IT'S HORRIBLE! But the waitress is nice!


t.sterling said...

I actually didn't mind the Slamwich. I recently tried it a few days ago at a random trip to Denny's after a unsuccessful trip to the mall. It was new, different. I probably wouldn't order it very often, but it certainly filled me up. My friend ended up eating the second half of her sandwich without the bread though.

Shanerology said...

That's exactly what I did. The first half was pretty tasty but then that syruppy taste didn't bode well with the meaty portions of the slamwich. She knows whats up!

Anonymous said...

i've got a place in cleveland that i will be at by saturday if you still need a temporary place to stay :)

...if you're still up there wandering around, i highly recommend checking out coventry, lakewood area, the botanical gardens, and the art museum :)

-sarah silverman

Anonymous said...

lammmee. why were you here? Theres nothing here for you...promise. If you want a good road trip, head out of state!

screenwritingforhollywood said...

This is definitely my idea of fun: randomness and spontaneity.