Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Not You, It's Me Blog

Really though.

I love you all. But I've got artistic shit to take care of. I'll feed this vanity project once I've done something a little more meaningful.

Until then,


ScreenwritingforHollywood said...

Firstly, that girl's hot.

Secondly, I hear ya. Bloggies are way too time-consuming. Go carve some horns for the world to hold.

Shanerology said...

You're the reason I've taken a leave of absence in the blogging world. Yours is untouchable and any attempt I make is a babystep compared to the heaping portions of knowledge you serve on a weekly basis.

I'm just taking a general break from the internet. I've gotten in a lifestyle groove and want to see if it'll take me to my ultimate destination: your heart!

ScreenwritingforHollywood said...

Shane -- I hope you are taking a break to write, not because of any failure to write a compelling website; I love your blog. How could I not? I think you mention me in it like 20 times. *wink* Aside of that, your writing is full of the juicy good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I miss AIM chatting with you.

HeyMcFly said...

I'm shocked at how quickly you've found me. And can't tell through virtual commentary whether or not you were being sarcastic. My prison cell is located on calhoun street in cincinnati. come waste a few hours. or give me a hobby to bring me outdoors. either or.